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Trying to find a local Watkins consultant in Canada? Please choose from the province below and see who is in your local area. Can’t find someone close to you? Consider joining Watkins as a consultant yourself! For only $29.95 and no auto shipments, it’s a very flexible option! Learn more…

You can browse the chart below to find someone close to you. Please note, I try to keep this list current and updated but sometimes a consultant has decided to not sell anymore and  if they do not get back to you, please contact me. I also update this site every month so I may have other consultants who have not yet been posted. 

How to Find a Local Consultant in Canada

It may seem at times there are no Watkins consultants in your area, but that is not necessarily true. Each Watkins consultant is on their own to advertise themselves. You could have someone selling Watkins products right down your street and not even know! I offer this website to my team so customers like you can hopefully find someone in your area. It’s also a chance to see if someone is not in your area and from there you can decide if YOU want to be a consultant, OR, ask me to find someone in the area for you. Our team is always growing, people are moving around and it’s my goal to help connect customers with local consultants. 

This website is one way to find local Watkins consultants. You can always do a random Google search and see if you find other results, or feel free to reach out to me so I can look into it further! 

Why Join Watkins?

There are many reasons to consider a Watkins home business. It’s flexible and fun, gets you discounts on your own purchases and yes, you can earn some extra income too! Plus, you can be listed on this site for FREE which helps customers who are trying to find a local Watkins consultant in their area. Have questions? I’m here to help – contact me!

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