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Are you looking for local Watkins consultants in British Columbia? Sometimes they can be hard to find, especially since they may not be listed in the phone book or online. Search for Watkins consultants in British Columbia here!

I have compiled a large database of Watkins consultants on my team to help you find someone in your local area. If you can't find a local Watkins consultant, please contact me so I can try to assist you, or, consider joining Watkins yourself!


I am in the process of re-doing this website, so many of the links will not be working yet or 100%. If you can not link to the page you want or no results are showing, please contact me so I can assist you personally. Thank you for your patience!


Tamara Laschinsky  #378193  Email      Ph: 403.998.8597    Watkins Website

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Did you know?  As a Watkins consultant you can reach out to customers all across Canada & the USA. We have NO autoshipments or quotas, good compensation and discounts and even free vacation offers. Learn more...