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Find all our Watkins consultants in Canada here! I know it's hard to find someone local, so I have compiled this website to list all the consultants on my team who are in Canada.

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Watkins Consultants USA

Looking for a Watkins consultant in the USA? Search my database to find someone in your local area. If you can't find someone please contact me!

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Since 1868

Watkins products & business

For over 150 years Watkins has been providing top-quality products to customers across Canada & the USA.

Our consultants have gone by many names over the years: The Watkins Man, Distributors, Associates, Dealers, Representatives...and now, Indep. Consultants. But the job is still the same! Bringing you Watkins products at great prices with respected customer service!

Since every consultant is on their own for advertising, it can be hard finding someone close to you. Browse this website for Watkins consultants in Canada and the USA.

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