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Watkins a great business that has been around since 1868....yes,150 years! Delivering top quality products across Canada and the USA, Watkins has become a household name and trusted by both customers and consultants for generations!

What you will find on this page:

  • Watkins Consultants in Canada by Province
  • Watkins Consultants in U.S.A by State
  • Watkins Home Business Information
  • Information on Sponsor & Team Manager, Tamara Laschinsky

Watkins Auto Shipments and Quotas

Watkins is a very flexible home business and works with your schedule. There are no auto-shipments and unlike other home businesses, you do not have to meet a certain quota each month in fear of being kicked out otherwise! You also do not have to buy catalogues every couple of weeks (our Master catalogues are printed twice a year and our monthly specials are available online in our monthly flyer)

The business is very rewarding, offering a variety of ways to conduct the business (online, trade shows, parties, sponsoring etc.) and the product line is amazing. Still keeping the traditional classics but also introducing new products every so often, Watkins is comitted to providing a wide selection of products to suit all needs!

Reasons to Join Watkins

Work at it part-time or full-time, start the business to show your kids what running a business is all about or begin the business to supplement you in you retirement years...the reasons are endless!

About Watkins Products

Early products from Watkins including home medicinal products like red liniment for aches and pains and cough syrup and others meant for health. Other products included household cleaners and award winning spices and extracts for the kitchen. Many of those traditional top selling products are still available, with plenty new products added. Watkins is focused on natural alternatives and producing best of the best so you can be sure that is what you are getting when you buy anything with the Watkins name on it! It's so easy to replace every day items in your house with the Watkins brand!

Watkins Performance Rewards Program

Besides having a great compensation plan, Watkins also has a program called The Performance Rewards Program. A free, all-inclusive trip taken once a year. You can earn a trip for 1 or 2 and go to places all over the world! Just another perk to the business!

Sponsoring - Building a Team With Watkins

You do not have to do any sponsoring but you are free to sponsor anyone in Canada and the USA. Your upline manager will help you out and help you answer questions but it's also the great training support from Timeless Integrity that helps train up new consultants. With a wealth of information and weekly webinars (if you wish to attend) there is so much information right at your fingertips! You also get a FREE sponsoring website where you can send prospects to, so they can learn about the business. When they decide to join through the site they are placed on your team! As your team grows, you will enjoy the benefits of a stable business and also earn a percentage of total team sales.

Free Customer Watkins Website for Advertising

One perk I created a long time ago was this very website. It was designed to help local customers find local consultants. As a member of my team (or part of my downline) you get a free listing here, as will anyone you sign up and so on. If a listing says "Private" it means the consltant has not yet given permission to list them, or they wish to not have their contact information on the Internet. In which case, inquiries come to me and then I will connect customers and consultant. If you choose to have yourself listed, I will also list other mediums you have such as a website, Facebook, Twitter etc. which will help you grow your follower base!

Free Watkins Website for Customers & Prospects

You also get a free website for customers to go order and you will get credit for the sale. Plus, if you have anyone interested in the business you get another free website where you can send prospects to so they can learn about the home based business opportunity to see if it's right for them. If they join up they are automatically placed on your team. It's that easy! These two sites can be linked to each other and work together to help you collect sales and leads for your business.

Free Graphics & Videos

I create graphics and short videos that you can also use to promote your business. These graphics and videos are watermarked with our team's logo, The Gold Team Group, so they are exclusive to our team only, giving you an edge in the advertising world!

One on One Mentorship Watkins Training

I do not hassle anyone who joins my team. Nor do I babysit them or tell them how to do their business. To start your own business and be your own boss you must be motivated and a self-starter. Plus, some people join just to get a discount for themselves and family members so I don't believe in hassling anyone. Sell at your own pace, sponsor if you wish and if you want help and coacing, I'm happy to help! I do send out monthly emails and pertinent information but to avoid cluttering your mailbox I keep that at a minimum!

About Tamara Laschinsky Indep. Watkins Manager

I have put off talking about myself in previous years and have never boasted about the awards I've won or the trips I've gone on but after seeing many websites out there that have copied my work and words, perhaps it's time to mention a few things. I've been with Watkins since 2007 and reached manager within my first year. It wasn't my F/T job at first but now, it is. It's given me the freedom I've wanted to set my own hours and have the work/life balance I need for my family.

I have won the Top Personal Sponsoring awards for the last few years in a row and have won a few all - expense paid trips. I work hard at my business and even harder making graphics and promo materials for my team to help them succeed as well. I won the Leader of the Year award last year and am titled at Silver Manager.

I've never posted about these 'awards' because to me, awards don't define a person. That, and the fact that I don't really like bragging for fear of sounding 'into myself!' I love what I do and helping others make their business successful is what makes me happy. I'm always learning new things and sharing them with my team, because life is about learning and growing your potential.

Watkins Business Questions

If you are unsure if this is a good fit for you, contact me. I'll be happy to set up a phone call time and answer your questions. Basically, this is YOUR business and you will run it as you see fit. Yes there are are, after all, representing Watkins and must do so respectfully. But where you set up shop, how much you sell your products for, how you manage your team etc., it's all flexible and for you to decide. The successful consultants with Watkins have Integrity and are professional. They know it takes hard work to get any business started and that customer service is key to getting a business off the ground! Many consultants have been with Watkins decades and are making very, very good money. It didn't come to them overnight, but through hard work they have quit their other jobs, worked with their partners on a joint venture and taken trips all over the world...and so can you!

Learn more by clicking below (also, the site you will be taken to "" is the free sponsoring website I was mentioning earlier) and see if a Watkins Home Business is right for you!

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The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be constured as the statements of opinion of J.R Watkins Incorporated.Information on this page is deemd to be accurate and is subject to change. If you experience difficulty in viewing this site or have any questions, please contact webmaster. Last updated March 19, 2019 by Tamara Laschinsky, Independent Watkins Consultant, Sponsor and Silver Manager #378193 from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. The Find a Local Consultant website is created and maintained by myself, Watkins Indep. Consultant and National Team Manager, Tamara Laschinsky. I list all the Watkins consultants who are on my team on this website so customers can easily find a local J.R Watkins rep in their area. Only members of my team and my downline are listed on this website. If you can not find someone in your area please contact me to see if I can find someone in your area. Also, if I don't list someone in your area, please consider joining my team so I can list you on this site or just join so you can order direct to your door and get a discount on products!


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